Idle in the Marketplace

IDLE IN THE MARKETPLACE explains the disconnect of the Church from the marketplace and how this disconnect holds back building the Kingdom.

The “Harvest Field” is out there and, as my Pastor likes to say, “We can only get Pastors from the pews, and we can only fill the pews from the street … so what we are doing to meet people where they actually live?”

Dave Robinson’s book answers this question very powerfully.



Since 1966, Dr. Robinson has developed his leadership and management skills through a wide range of opportunities in both the church world and the marketplace.For 39 years, he served in pastoral ministry as Senior Pastor or Associate Pastor for churches in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Illinois.

Along with his wife Marie and family, he has lived and ministered in the Chicago area since 1979. He has a Bachelor of Applied Theology from Logos Christian College, Master of Organizational Leadership from Southern Seminary and a PhD from Aidan University.

In the marketplace, he has held various leadership positions in the retail and wholesale industry. From 2002-05 he owned a successful multi-million dollar Recreational Vehicle Dealership in Chicago.

Since 2005, he has served as a full-time ministry coach for leaders in the Church, Marketplace, Government and Education. He travels 200+ days a year helping leaders improve their leadership skills and see their vision become a reality.