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Leadership Coach Dr. Dave Robinson is an acknowledge expert on the Transforming Your City program.  Having previously serviced as World Mission Director for The Fellowship, of Dallas TX, and then as Director of the The Fellowship’s Marketplace Ministries initiative, Dave brings decades of experience to the subject.  As a sought-after Leadership Training Expert, Dr. Robinson travels the globe 250+ days each year working with Churches, Ministries and Organizations worldwide through his Coaching 4 Ministries company.

in 2010, E41 Marketplace Ministries was launched – building on the platform of Ephesians 4:1 – “Walk worthy in the vocation to wherewith ye are called.”  In E41 Ministries, TV/Radio and Conference connect to provide information to help others organize and manage Marketplace Ministry development.

In 2016, Dr. Dave Robinson expanded the Marketplace Ministry outreach to included National Radio syndication, originating from the Salem Broadcasting Chicago outlet, 50,000 watt AM 1160 “Hope for Your Life”, for the Transforming Your City Radio program.  The program has increased its footprint, already, to include the Kingdom Keys Christian Radio Network, originating from Amarillo TX, and the Talk to Me Radio Network, originating from Melbourne FL.

Dave is also an accomplished author – he recent “Idle in the Marketplace” book is a tool designed to assist in the development of Marketplace Ministry among Churches, Ministries, Businesses, and Individuals who are committed to expanding the Gospel presence in their cities.


Idle in the Marketplace” is the popular must-read concerning the Church’s most important mandate.

For more information – visit the following links:

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